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The different types of robots

Robots are mechatronic devices (combining mechanical, electronic and computer) automatically performing tasks that are usually dangerous, painful, repetitive or impossible for humans, or simpler tasks but achieving them better than would a human being .

In spite of their high cost at the time, they became popular in the early 1970s, particularly in the automotive sector. Since then, the evolution of electronics and computers has allowed them to perform more and more complex tasks, with more and more autonomy, and more and more quickly. Here are the different types of robots that you can use.

Industrial robots:

The industrial robot is officially defined as an automatic control, reprogrammable, versatile, programmable manipulator in three or more axes. They are the first to be produced in large numbers and they are still the largest robot population. They replace the workers in the arduous and dangerous tasks (painting, welding) and come in the form of one or more arms ending in a wrist. These machines generally perform the same function cyclically. Since the 1960s industrial robotics has evolved a lot offering a range of increasingly sophisticated equipment. These robots are those that are particularly on the assembly lines. They are now used to make almost all types of products but they are mostly present in the automotive industry. Welding robots, demolition, cleaning, packaging or surveillance are some  used today.

Domestic robots:

They are used for household chores, for example dishes, ironing, cleaning.  They can perform multiple tasks or simply entertain us.

Collaborative robots:

Men and robots work together  to reduce the difficulty of manual manipulations, efforts or movements made by the operator. Discover more on this article.


These one have a human appearance, they have bipedalism and are able to do things that only the human could do until today. Humanoids are more and more developed. Some can perform salto before descending a crate. Others can play football by following the true rules of the game.

Military robots:

They are mainly used for surveillance in the air as in the sea. In the army, there are kinds of small radio-controlled tanks, drones are also used because they are small, manageable and discreet. Military robots are used to avoid endangering life or making dangerous and complex missions. In addition the detection of chemical weapons or the establishment of repatriations of people in danger.

Robots of exploration:

Robots of exploration in difficult environments, even completely impassable for the man, replace the latter to probe, to rescue, to operate, in autonomy or remote-controlled; missions at lower cost since viability and security conditions are lower.


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