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Drotek Robotics and Marines collaborated on Hive Final Mile program

Hive Final Mile program, hive-like ‘drone pack’ could resupply far-flung Marines with a push of a button.


Our team collaborated with Marines in the development of an autonomous system to deliver supply to lower marine exposure to danger or enable a faster delivery in conflicts zones or after a natural disaster.

The aim of that project was to prove the potential of using drones in order to supply material to soldiers in theaters of operations.The proof of concept showcased small drones in a fully automated fashion where people on the ground could request material deliveries from a tablet : an operator would then receive a request inside the hive, and once ready the UAV would take-off, fly fully autonomously to the target, manage its airspace, avoid obstacles, drop the item, and come back to the hive, where it could be recharged automatically as well.

The demonstration was held by several companies and start-ups at Quantico, Virginia (Marines military base).


See more about this project here.


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