Drotek performed a telemetry range test at 4 different distances : 1220m, 2120m, 4240m and 6020m

The connection between two Witrack Radio  is tested on the ground with video streaming. Two masts were used, one mast represents the vehicle/multicopter, the other represents the ground station.

Vehicle mast: 

  • 2 antennas of 2 dBi
  • Height: around 3 meter of the ground
  • One smart radio with a battery

Ground station mast:

  • 2 antennas of 12 dBi
  • Height: around 2 meter from the ground
  • One smart radio with a battery


Vehicle mast



Vehicle mast



Ground station mast




→ Test 1220m :



→ Test 2120m: 



→ Test 4240m:


→ Test 6020 m:



In the video we performed a flow test, which consists in taking the vehicle mast, rising it and moving it around. That’s why the video is shaking a little bit. 

The purpose of this test was to establish a steady connection between vehicle and ground station at different distances. All results have been gathered with the software QGroundControl

We can see in the video that we have a 1080p resolution at 4096 Kbps when both masts (vehicle and ground station) are at 1,12 km from each other, the test was also a success at 2,2 km with a 1080p resolution at 1024 Kbps. The video reception was good as well at 4,24 km with a resolution of 1080p at 2048 Kbps, and finally at 6,02 km, we have a 1080p resolution at 6144 Kbps.

This telemetry can be used for every autonomous vehicle

We also remind both Witrack Radio were on the ground, and performances for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: multicopters, planes, …) will be better.

We get a higher flow at 6,02 km than 4,24 km because the line of sight was clearer, this supports that the drone will have a better flow in the air (without obstacles).


Check out our video !